Common hair problems and treatments with hair fiber concealer:

Human hair can be straight, short, long, smooth, rough, wavy, frizzy, and shiny. Hair comes in different colors, lengths, styles, and textures. Regardless of the hair types or color, every one of us loses their hair every day. Losing hair can be a distressing issue that everyone experienced at some point in their lives. Hair problems can be the symptoms of other health problems such as anxiety or depression. Mostly, baldness is not a dangerous issue, but it is physical appearance and beauty concern to those who are conscious with their beauty and looks. It is important to know how to tackle hair problems. Therefore, hair care treatment solutions are invented. Some of the common hairs problems are:

Hair loss:

Human hair passes through natural growth cycles. Approximately, the average person loses 100 hairs daily while some experience serious baldness. Excessive loss can be the cause by some health conditions severe infection, hormonal problems, major surgery, stress, pregnancy, use of medicines such as, blood thinners, radiation, birth control pills, and chemotherapy. When hair loss is related to medication, you can stop it by avoiding medicines and hair will grow back with the passage of time. But after major illness, hair building fiber is a permanent solution.

Gray hair:

Gray or white hair inevitable with age, According to dermatologist, low production of melanin can lead  to gray hairs which can be build up with the production of DNA and hydrogen peroxide.

Hair damage:

A lot of people both female and male can suffer from hair damage and thinning hairs as they age. Highlighting, straightening, blow-drying are the common causes to make hairs unmanageable, and brittle. Split ends and dry hairs are two common issues of females of the modern world. Regular Styling and excessive heat can result in damaged hairs. Some of the beneficial testaments include:

1. Avoid towel drying or harsh rubbing
2. Gently brush with a soft hairbrush
3. Use a conditioner
4. Take well balanced diet with healthy vitamins and protein. Natural oils and proper diet help to stimulate hair                         growth.

5. Physical activities and regular exercises help to accelerate body’s blood circulation including scalp which solve                   hair loss issues.

New formula of hair building fiber:

It is not good to take and use harsh chemicals to solve hair loss problems. The new formula of hair fiber consists of micro sized fiber hair made with natural keratin to cover up thinning hairs by giving you fuller, thicker, and healthier looking in no time. You just need to sprinkle the hair building fibers through concealers onto balding area or thinning hairs. Spray-on type concealers are available in different colors to match your existing hairs. When you applied it to your hairs, micro fibers bond with them to create fuller and thicker hairs until you decide to shampoo it.