Can I use hair straighteners or curling irons with Hair Plus?

Yes. But it’s suggested you use these before applying the product.


How should I select the right colour of Hair Plus?

Generally you should always use the root-colour in the thinning area of hair. This also applies if your hair has been highlighted. If you can’t decide between two different colours, it’s better to select the darker one for optimal results.


Will Hair Plus work on beards and moustaches?

No, this product is only intended for scalp hair.


Is Hair Plus appropriate for women?

Yes, absolutely.


Will Hair Plus change how my hair naturally grows?

No, the effects of Hair Plus are aesthetic and will not encourage more hair growth.


Am I able to use hair gel, hair spray or hair oil with Hair Plus?

Hairspray can be effectively used if applied after Hair Plus. Hair gels should be applied before, and given enough time to completely dry before Hair Plus is added. Certain hair oils will be compatible with Hair Plus, and others won’t be – you’ll need to experiment to discover this. However, all hair oil should be applied before Hair Plus is used.


How long does a single application of Hair Plus last?

Hair Plus will typically last up to a week, or until you choose to shampoo your hair.


What sort of shampoo will remove Hair Plus?

All regular shampoos will be able to effectively remove Hair Plus.




Will Hair Plus work with my type of hair?

Yes. Hair Plus works with all hair types, including people from black or African ethnicities.


How long does Hair Plus take to apply?

This depends on the size of your thinning area. However, it typically ranges from a few seconds to a couple of minutes, although this will get faster as you become accustomed to the product.


What is the minimum hair for Hair Plus to be effective?

It’s recommended that Hair Plus is used on hair 0.5 inches (1 -2 cm) or longer.


Will Hair Plus fall out?

No. If applied properly, Hair Plus will remain bonded to your hair until you choose to wash it out with shampoo.


Does Hair Plus stain?

No. Hair Plus is made from a type of cotton fibre, and is unable to stain fabrics or skin.


Can I comb my hair after using Hair Plus?

Yes, although for best results you should do this prior to applying Hair Plus.


I am completely bald – will Hair Plus work for me?

Unfortunately, no.


Will Hair Plus work if I have a scar on my scalp?

If the scar is over 2 inches in diameter, and lacks any hair, Hair Plus isn’t recommended.



Am I able to go swimming after using Hair Plus?

No, this is not recommended.


Is Hair Plus delivered discretely?

Hair Plus bottle is completely discreet. The bottle itself has no indications of what this product is for. Product instructions are printed on the box only, which you can choose to throw away. Hair Plus is shipped inside non-marked boxes or envelops, so no one will know the content of the package.


How long will it take to receive my order?

Please visit Delivery


Do you ship to PO Boxes?



How to use discount code?

Please find here: http://hair-plus.co.uk/pages/how-to-use-discount-code


Can I return the item if I’m not satisfied?

Please visit Return Policy