Why Hair Plus

Why Hair Plus?

Everyone wants a full head bustling with thick, healthy hair – but sometimes we need a little extra help. That’s where Hair Plus comes in – and it’s nothing like some of the products you might have seen or experienced before.

Hair Plus is 100% natural and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or irritating glues. It’s based on a breakthrough process of using natural plant fibres to thicken and re thinning hair.

The best part – it’s completely undetectable.

That’s extremely important, so we’ll say it again. Hair Plus is completely undetectable from up to two inches away.

By using Hair Plus, you’ll be able to achieve a vibrant, natural look which can transform your entire image. It will completely cover up any bald spots, and breathe new life into patches which have started to become thinner.

Completely suitable for both men and women, Hair Plus continues working all day – ensuring that you have flawless results even during bad weather or times of sweating. It keeps working until you wash it off in the shower with shampoo, and never a moment before.

Hair Plus is also works well with hair transplants, ensuring that you can put it on and start enjoying the results immediately. 

It’s completely free from any animal ingredients, synthetic fibres or preservatives. The product is extremely safe and is frequently recommended to people that have sensitive skin or an easily-irritated scalp.

Instead, Hair Plus lets you look your best by relying entirely on nature. 

How does Hair Plus work?

Hair Plus uses natural hair fibres from a type of cotton plant called gossypium herbaceum. Although this plant is exotic (found only in sub-Saharan Africa), it’s of unquestionable value when it comes to achieving breathtaking results for people experiencing hair-loss or hair-thinning.

The plant is chosen as its fibres are perfectly matched to the optical qualities of human hair. That means it catches the light in similar ways and behaves in identical ways to human hair during a range of external stimuli – such as wind or rain.

Hair Plus works by releasing these coloured natural fibres over head, allowing natural static electricity to bind them with your existing hair follicles.

This works because gossypium herbaceum naturally carries a negative charge, while human hair carries a positive one. This causes it to ‘lock’ firmly in place as soon as it makes contact.

The fibres will stay secure throughout your day – and even while you sleep.

See the results

Hair plus is extremely quick to use, and just a brief shake will release enough fibres to completely cover any problem areas of hair loss or thinning.

You’ll immediately be able to stop worrying that your forehead will give off the occasional shine, as Hair Plus turns any ‘peach fuzz’ areas into healthy looking, naturally vibrant patches of hair.