Your Favourite Hair Building Fibre In 8 Exciting Colours!

You heard about the benefits of Hair Building Fibre and tested the product with your existing hair fibre. The product worked great and you recommended that to a few of your friends. All of them had different hair textures, varying hair lengths and very attractive yet different hair colours. How could each of them use the same product with similar results? 

It could have been a problem some time back when Hair Building Fibre came in limited colours. Not any more though. The product has evolved itself to suffice the needs of not only those retaining their original hair colours, but also the young generation excited about new hair colours every day. The chemical free formulation of Hair Plus makes Hair Building Fiber a much desired choice among the other available options. It is thus suited to all sorts of hair, even those which are coloured earlier. Not just this, the people with the greying hair suffering the hair thinning problem can also enjoy the remarkable touch up that this magical product can do in 30 seconds!

At present, Hair Building Fibre comes in Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Blonde, Medium Blonde, Auburn and Grey shades. More varieties in colours indicate the usage of product suited to a wider audience. Be it any age group, the original or the coloured hair, Hair Plus has something to offer to all- a magnificent look with the full scalp. The best way to choose the colour shade is however the same. Choose the colour that best matches your root colour. This is because the powdered hair fibres are sprinkled on your hair roots where they start bonding with the existing hair strands. The close match between the two colours will help your hair have an enhanced feel.

Needless to say that even if the product comes in variety of shades, there is no harmful colorant added to any of the packs. For every single pack, the major component still remains the hair fiber from Levant cotton plant, called ‘Gossypium Herbaceum’, also commonly referred to as Levant Cotton.

This magical plant has many benefits. Different parts of Levant Cotton are found to be perfect cure for some chronic diseases. This is the main component that makes Hair Building Fiber in UK an outstanding product. Using the components of this plant guarantees no harmful reaction to the skin. The product can be tried as frequently as you wish to, with even the most sensitive skin apt for the trials.

Hair Building Fibre in UK is considered a quick remedy to the hair thinning problem that takes less than a minute to deal with. The product is great and exceeds the expectations. Most importantly, there are no short term and long term side effects of any sort, owing to the completely natural formulation that is typical of Hair Plus as a leading brand. And now, your hair fibre can rejoice even better with the added product fibres available in matching shade. This is a big leap in the manufacturing. With all sorts of colour choices offered to the buyers, there is no way any of them need to compromise on any aspect. So, if you are happy with the results, pass on the word to the closest friends and family about Hair Building Fibre’s wide range of shades.