Considering a Hair Transplant? Be careful and learn from patients first.

The skill and technique of hair restoration surgeons vary widely, as do their hair transplant results. This site is published by hair transplant patients to help others get past the hype to find quality prescreened hair transplant surgeons in Canada, the USA, Europe/Asia and South America.

Learn about hair loss treatments that actually work, view over 2540 hair restoration photo albums, watch hundreds of hair transplant videos featuring real patient results and share info with actual patients on our active hair restoration forum and new social community.  This hair restoration community also provides in depth information on all hair loss remedies and videos and animations.

Three Steps to a Successful Hair Transplant

Learn about the Best Hair Transplant Procedure.

Today, when done right, hair replacement surgery can restore a full and natural look in only one surgical session. Learn about today's ultimate hair transplant procedure.

Consult with Patients and Qualified Hair Restoration Physicians.

This online community is made up of hundreds of patients who participate in our active discussion forum. Visit our hair restoration discussion forum and read their experiences, view their photos and share advice online.

You can also consult with a quality prescreened hair restoration physician in your area by emailing them an Online Consultation.

Research and Select a Qualified Hair Transplant Surgeon.

The skill, talent, and experience of hair transplant surgeons vary widely, as do their results. It is very important that you choose your physician carefully, as your results will last a lifetime.


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