Bad effect of hair transplant

1.) Some patients experience mild pain and discomfort directly following the surgery. However, this is not likely. Since the scalp is numbed for the procedure, the majority of patients do not complain of any pain. 

2.) It is possible that following the surgery, you will experience a temporary thinning of your pre-existing hair. This side effect does not occur in all patients, and if it does happen, hair will re-grow, along with the newly transplanted hair.

3.) Numbness of the scalp is likely to occur following the surgery but generally resolveds in several months. 

4.) There are several side effects of hair transplantation that are very rare and only occur in a small percentage of patients. Although these side effects are rare, they are serious. They include bleeding, scarring, cysts, and infection. The number of cases where this occurs approaches zero percent in my experience. If you do experience these side effects following your hair transplantation, call your doctor immediately. 

5.) After the surgery, you will see small scabs form over the grafts on your scalp. These scabs will take about one week to disappear.


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