Hair Fibres Glass Spray Applicator - with container

Hair Fibres Glass Spray Applicator - with container

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Hair Plus® Glass Spray Applicator

Using our applicator makes it easier for you to apply the fibres for a natural and uniformed finish. The Hair Fibre Applicator will also make it easy and quick to touch up your roots. Helping you get the natural hair colouring between hair fibre and your head. It is the perfect accessory for every Hair Plus® hair building fibre users. 

It can reach some small areas on your head to get the best result.  

Hair plus glass spray applicator also comes with a high-quality glass container for storing your hair building fibres.

Direction for Use

Step 1: Open the cap and put your hair building fibres into the glass container. 

Step 2: Close the cap tightly

Step 3: Press your finger onto the rubber pump to dispense the hair fibres.

Adjust your finger pressure to control the amount of hair fibres that are released.  


For a perfect result, please use with Hair Plus Hairline Optimiser for £2.98 only!