25 g / 0.87 Hair Plus Natural Hair Building Fibre

Vendor: Hair Plus
Type: Hair Fibre

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Build up your hair in a few seconds.

Hair Plus hair fibre is a product designed to thicken your hair through a natural process. It is made of natural gossypium herbaceum fibre.  The fibre intertwines with your hair and remains in place through static electricity.  It will neither damage the scalp nor block the pores.  It is entirely safe and will attach on the scalp and sparse hair naturally.  

By using this product you can have thick hair in seconds, making it the best choice for people with problems of hair loss or sparse hair.

Directions for Use

Dry your hair before use then gently shake the hair fibre onto any areas of thinning hair.  Style your hair to ensure the fibre is able to reach every problem area.  Store the product in a dry place and reseal tightly after each use.


This product is for external use only.  In the event of irritation or any rash appearing, discontinue use immediately.  Avoid contact with eyes; if contact occurs, wash thoroughly with water.  Ensure the product is securely stored out of the reach of children.


Gossypium Herbaceum fibre, natural mineral colourants (iron oxide)

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